Hydraulic Float Control CAN

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Simple plug-and-play solution for plugging directly into the hydraulic valve.

Waterproof button available for easy installation.

An adapter set for an individual customer button is available.

Retrofittable float position remote control for electronic hydraulic valves.

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  • Module, manual, cable, accessories
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Hydraulics Float Control CAN - remote control for the float position.   Compatible...more
Product information "Hydraulic Float Control CAN"

Hydraulics Float Control CAN - remote control for the float position.


Compatible with: John Deere

6320, 6420, 6420S, 6520, 6620, 6820, 6920, 6920S, 6130, 6230, 6330, 6430, 6530, 6630, 6830, 6930, 6230 Premium, 6330 Premium, 6430 Premium, 6630 Premium, 6830 Premium, 6930 Premium, 7430 Premium, 7430E Premium, 7530 Premium, 7530E Premium,

6105R, 6115R, 6125R, 6130R, 6140R, 6150R, 6170R, 6190R, 6210R

Installation kit with M12 activation button


The Hydraulic Float Control CAN allows you to control the float position function of the hydraulic valve. No matter if this function is not provided by the manufacturer or if you want to use this for coupling and uncoupling of equipment.

The prerequisite for these electronics is John Deere electronic rear or inter-axle control units.


Practical examples:

You want to couple a machine to the 3 point front hydraulic system and have oil pressure on the valve. You want to disconnect an implement but the oil pressure is still on. Only one float position can be activated on the joystick, but you need two float positions.


Our solution for you:

We have developed an electronic system that allows the float position to be activated from the inside or outside using a pushbutton. The floating position can be activated and deactivated via this pushbutton. This kit does not include a push button but only an adapter electronics for your own push button.

The control unit can be placed outside the cabin. Thus, the installation effort is kept to a minimum. The installation of the electronics takes approx. 0.5 - 1.0 hours.


Your advantages at a glance:

- The float position can be activated outside the booth

- Setting takes place via a learning function

- Extremely short installation time

- Highest reliability

- Installation with original connectors

- First-class support directly from the manufacturer


 Order these convenient electronics now as accessories for your John Deere agricultural machinery.


Features: Floating Position
Compatible with agricultural machine: John Deere
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Suitable for
John Deere 6020 6320
John Deere 6020 6420
John Deere 6020 6420S
John Deere 6020 6520
John Deere 6020 6620
John Deere 6020 6820
John Deere 6020 6920
John Deere 6020 6920S
John Deere 6030 6130
John Deere 6030 6230
John Deere 6030 6330
John Deere 6030 6430
John Deere 6030 6530
John Deere 6030 6534
John Deere 6030 6630
John Deere 6030 6830
John Deere 6030 6930
John Deere 6R 6105R (MY2011)
John Deere 6R 6115R (MY2011)
John Deere 6R 6125R (MY 2011)
John Deere 6R 6130R (kein Adblue) MY2011
John Deere 6R 6140R (MY2011)
John Deere 6R 6150R (MY2011)
John Deere 6R 6170R
John Deere 6R 6190R (MY2011)
John Deere 6R 6210R (MY2011)
John Deere 7030 7130
John Deere 7030 7230
John Deere 7030 7330
John Deere 7030 7430
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