Simply replace your defective control unit with a refurbished electronic unit (Reman).

Order your REMAN electronic part* here and send us your defective electronics for exchange within 14 days.

*As long as the stock lasts.

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Claas | TCE 15 T REMAN Claas | TCE 15 T REMAN
Claas TCE 15 T remanufactured electronics, cheaper than a new device. Free support and fast worldwide delivery. Order online now.
€595.00 *
plus €297.50 Deposit

Fendt | EHR Operation Vario SCR/S4 Reman F931.970.160.051 Fendt | EHR Operation Vario SCR/S4 Reman...
Fendt EHR control Vario SCR/S4 Remanufactured (part no. F931.970.160.051). Exchange remanufactured control unit for defective part.
€765.00 *
plus €357.00 Deposit

Reman Hassia FG-Controller Hassia | FG-Controller T-02 Reman CG784A4P2
Hassia FG-Controller T-02 Remanufactured part (part no. CG784A4P2). Exchange defective electronics for remanufactured ones. Order online now.
€680.00 *
plus €357.00 Deposit

John Deere | DSM REMAN AL175475 John Deere | DSM REMAN AL175475
John Deere DSM Remanufactured (part no.: AL175475). Remanufactured control unit, less expensive than buying new. Order online now.
€306.00 *
plus €214.20 Deposit

Do you need a new control unit for your agricultural machine?

You can save with us. We offer refurbished operating units, terminals and control units for various agricultural machines.


Your advantages:

- Cheaper than a new part

- You have a one-year guarantee on the operating unit

- Completely reconditioned and to the quality standard of a new unit


A new control panel costs several thousand euros. We carefully recondition used control panels and can offer them to you for a lower price.

When buying, make sure you have the correct manufacturer's number. There is only a limited number of refurbished parts!

Please send us your defective operating unit of the agricultural machine well packed by parcel service of your choice. With our reconditioned spare part, you will have no downtime and can continue working immediately.


Why is a deposit charged?

We charge a deposit on the purchase of Reman electronics. As soon as you have sent us your defective old part and it is repairable, we will refund the deposit amount. The deposit only serves as security that we will receive the defective part for exchange. Your old appliance will be carefully and professionally cleaned, repaired and remanufactured by us. In this way, we help to protect the environment and valuable resources. Every remanufactured electronic part replaces a new part, which is much more expensive. When you buy a repaired spare part, you also save money.


Order a reconditioned control unit from Claas, Fendt, John Deere etc. in our online shop. Only while stocks last!



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