Steering axle automatic

Large loader wagons/trailers are equipped with a hydraulic steering axle to make smaller turning circles. On the road, the steering axle should be switched off/locked to prevent the vehicle/trailer combination from swinging up. When reversing, the steering axle should also be locked.

The electronics take care of this for you. The automatic system locks/unlocks the steering axle at a preset speed (can be configured). In addition, the axle is automatically locked when reversing.

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Steering axle automatic Steering axle automatic
The automatic steering axle makes operating the vehicle more comfortable & safe. Quick installation. Order agricultural machinery accessories now.
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Steering axle automatic (AutoPowr) Steering axle automatic (AutoPowr)
Automatic steering axle for John Deere 7200R-7280R tractors with AutoPowr Gearbox and electronic control units. Order online now.
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What can the automatic steering axle do?

The electronics automate the locking and unlocking of the steering axle. If a set speed is exceeded, the steering axle locks automatically, making critical braking manoeuvres safer. 

If you want to drive around a tight bend and the speed is undercut, the steering axle is unlocked and the trailer rolls behind, protecting the material.

The steering axle is also automatically locked by the electronics when reversing. If you intervene manually in the hydraulics, the automatic function deactivates itself.


In which tractors can I install the automatic steering axle?

The electronics can be configured for Case, John Deere, New Holland and Steyr tractors. Click on the product page, select your agricultural machinery manufacturer, the series and the model. You will now be shown whether the item is compatible with your tractor.


How is the automatic steering axle operated?

Once you have installed the electronics, you can activate them by pressing a button. Now accelerate to the desired locking speed and actuate the hydraulic valve of the steering axle.
You will of course receive more detailed operating instructions when you purchase the electronics.



How is the comfort electronics installed in the tractor?

The automatic steering axle control should be installed by experienced specialists. We will send you illustrated installation instructions with every purchased comfort electronics system. In addition to the electronic module, the necessary accessories are also included. 

With the electronics for locking and unlocking the steering axle of your trailer, the cable harnesses, the module and other accessories are included.

If you still have questions about the installation of the automatic steering axle, our support staff will be happy to help you.


Why should you order the automatic steering axle?

Locking and unlocking the steering axle of the trailer while driving with the tractor is exhausting. It requires concentrated thinking and is often forgotten.

When the vehicle is empty and the steering axle is not locked, there is a danger of the trailer swerving sideways when braking. This is a major source of danger. Especially in agriculture, accidents happen more and more often with such trailers due to carelessness or hectic.

With the automatic steering axle system from Ilgenfritz Mechatronics, these errors no longer happen because the electronics reliably take care of them.



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