Armrest Remote Control with 4 channels for John Deere

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Simple plug-and-play solution to operate up to 7 functions.

Individual assignment of the remote control channels via software possible.

Remote control by cable or radio possible.

Plug-in installation, ready for operation within a very short time.

  • comfort electronics
Remote control of the armrest of the tractor Armrest Remote Control CAN installation kit with... more
Product information "Armrest Remote Control with 4 channels for John Deere"

Remote control of the armrest of the tractor
Armrest Remote Control CAN installation kit with 4 channels. One channel is always needed for the enable/disable function. The Armrest Remote Control CAN is a new remote control option for the functions of the armrest of the tractor. The remote control can be done via a cable or radio interface.
Do you want to operate functions of your machine from outside to increase the effectiveness of your machine?


Examples of use:

  • A grain auger is operated on the tractor and this is to be operated by the feeder vehicles by radio remote control without changing.
  • Employees are on an attachment and tractor functions are to be controlled by the attachment.


Other applications:

  • Vegetable cultivation equipment
  • Slurry technology
  • pumps
  • Fertilizer and grain augers on trailers


The following functions can be operated:

  • Rear PTO: Switching the rear PTO on and off. The driver recognition is not overridden. This is done via a key.
  • Hand throttle: The hand throttle can be reduced and increased or set to idle and increased with two keys.
  • AutoTrac activation: The AutoTrac system of the tractor can be activated with one key.
  • AutoPowr driving speed: With two keys the driving speed of AutoPowr driving lever can be changed. The scroll wheel is operated here.
  • AutoPowr reversing lever: With an additional module, the tractor can be driven forward / backward or stopped.
  • Rear hydraulics: The rear hydraulics valves can be controlled with two buttons per valve. The oil quantity is set here via the machine screen (CommandCenter). Which hydraulic valve is addressed can be set by teach-in function or by configuration software. In the case of continuous oil, a ramp function can be activated for a smooth start-up of the oil drive.
Compatible with agricultural machine: John Deere
Features: Remote Control
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Suitable for
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6110R
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6120R
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6130R (mit Adblue)
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6135R
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6145R
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6155R
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6175R
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6195R
John Deere 6R MY2015-MY2017 6215R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6110R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6120R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6130R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6135R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6145R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6155R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6175R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6195R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6215R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6230R
John Deere 6R MY2018-2019 6250R
John Deere 7R MY2014 7210R
John Deere 7R MY2014 7230R
John Deere 7R MY2014 7250R
John Deere 7R MY2014 7270R
John Deere 7R MY2014 7290R
John Deere 7R MY2014 7310R
John Deere 8R MY2014 8270R
John Deere 8R MY2014 8295R
John Deere 8R MY2014 8320R
John Deere 8R MY2014 8320RT
John Deere 8R MY2014 8345R
John Deere 8R MY2014 8345RT
John Deere 8R MY2014 8370R
John Deere 8R MY2014 8370RT
John Deere 9R MY2015 9370R
John Deere 9R MY2015 9420R
John Deere 9R MY2015 9470R
John Deere 9R MY2015 9470RT
John Deere 9R MY2015 9470RX
John Deere 9R MY2015 9520R
John Deere 9R MY2015 9520RT
John Deere 9R MY2015 9520RX
John Deere 9R MY2015 9570R
John Deere 9R MY2015 9570RT
John Deere 9R MY2015 9570RX
John Deere 9R MY2015 9620R
John Deere 9R MY2015 9620RX
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