Speed control

With the electronics it is possible to switch between the maximum and a stored speed by means of a switch. The preselectable speed can be set as desired (depending on the working device, working cycle). The switch can be mounted at any place either inside the cabin or e.g. on the fender.

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RPM control cable set with buttons RPM control cable set with buttons
Speed control push button wiring harness incl. activation push button suitable for 3100108020. Order John Deere accessories online now.
€122.52 *
Speed control analog Speed control analog
Change the engine speed easily with a switch. Accessories for John Deere tractors. Make work easier & save time. Order online now.
€148.51 *
Speed control CAN Speed control CAN
Adjust the speed of your John Deere tractor simply by pressing a button. Accessories & labor saving for John Deere. Order online now.
€278.46 *

Do you want more comfort and adjustment options when working with the agricultural machine?

Then we have just the thing for you.

With our speed control, you can easily change the speed in the tractor at the touch of a button or switch.

The cumbersome setting of the required speed with the accelerator pedal or hand throttle is now a thing of the past. With our electronics, it is possible to teach in a desired speed and set it every time at the touch of a button or switch.

Discover our CAN speed control, with which you can switch between idle and taught-in speed at the touch of a button.

Or opt for the analogue version, with which you never have to search for the right speed on the potentiometer again, but can simply set the maximum speed with a switch.


For which agricultural machines are the speed controls available?

Our speed controls are only available for John Deere machines. Simply select the series and model of your John Deere and configure the accessories to suit your tractor.

With our speed control you will experience even more comfort when working in the field. The comfort electronics are effortless to operate and easy to retrofit.


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