Speed control analog

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The analogue version is the basic version, which is connected by a compact plug.

It is possible to switch between the limited motor speed and the maximum motor speed.

Simple operation via switch.

All electronics sets are supplied with matching installation accessories and installation instructions.

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Analog speed control - selectable between set and maximum speed. This control module...more
Product information "Speed control analog"

Analog speed control - selectable between set and maximum speed.

This control module eliminates the need to continuously turn the engine speed potentiometer. You set your speed at the potentiometer, e.g. for 540 PTO revolutions, drive out of the field and would normally have to adjust the potentiometer to max. speed again. With this module, you only have to set the switch to "MAX" and you will reach full engine speed again. Drive to the next field, switch the switch back and the engine speed is reduced again to the value set at the potentiometer.


The module is simply plugged into the original wiring harness and the additional switch is inserted and plugged into the switch field. The installation time is only 10 min and can be done by a layman.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Annoying search for the maximum engine speed is eliminated
  • Simplified operation
  • Increased driving comfort
  • Do it yourself - ready for use in just 10 min
  • First-class support directly from the manufacturer

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Compatible with agricultural machine: John Deere
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John Deere 5020 5620
John Deere 5020 5720
John Deere 5020 5820 mit elektronischer Motorsteueung
John Deere 5M 5070M
John Deere 5M 5075M
John Deere 5M 5080M
John Deere 5M 5085M
John Deere 5M 5090M
John Deere 5M 5100M
John Deere 5M 5115M
John Deere 5R 5080R
John Deere 5R 5090R
John Deere 5R 5100R
John Deere 6020 6120
John Deere 6020 6220
John Deere 6020 6320
John Deere 6020 6420
John Deere 6020 6420S
John Deere 6020 6520
John Deere 6020 6620
John Deere 6020 6820
John Deere 6020 6920
John Deere 6020 6920S
John Deere 6030 Standard 6130
John Deere 6030 Standard 6230
John Deere 6030 Standard 6330
John Deere 6030 Standard 6430
John Deere 6030 Standard 6530
John Deere 6030 Standard 6630
John Deere 6030 Standard 6830
John Deere 6030 Standard 6930
John Deere 6M 6105M
John Deere 6M 6110M
John Deere 6M 6115M
John Deere 6M 6120M
John Deere 6M 6125M
John Deere 6M 6130M
John Deere 6M 6135M
John Deere 6M 6140M
John Deere 6M 6145M
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John Deere 6M 6175M
John Deere 6M 6195M
John Deere 6MC 6090MC
John Deere 6MC 6100MC
John Deere 6MC 6110MC
John Deere 6RC 6090RC
John Deere 6RC 6100RC
John Deere 6RC 6110RC
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